Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Top Apps To Follow The 2016 Presidential Election

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Unless you have been walking around with your head in the sand you realize things are already starting to heat up for the 2016 election. Right now we are at the second step of the Presidential election process, the candidates are campaigning against other candidates in their own party to win the primary election. 
Whether it's your first time voting, or your just wanting to make an informed decision as to where you cast your vote, there are apps to help you. I would love to share a few with you. 
The first step in knowing where to vote is knowing which candidate holds the same values as you do. I found an app that can be very helpful for this process.
Voter is an app that will remind you of a dating site. Only your searching for the perfect candidate instead of the love of your life. With this app you are given access to the candidate's positions on various subjects, as well as speeches, voting records and financial contributions. Don't worry you don't have to read everything. Want to find your perfect match? Just swipe your finger left or right to show you agree or disagree with today's top political issues and at the end it will show you the candidate that best stands for what is most important to you. Sadly, as of right now it is only available for apple devices, but an android app is in the works. This app is free.
Ok you have found your candidate, this is where the US Politics News app can come in handy. With this app you can set preferences to tag the subjects that introduce. With this you can set it to send you info on your favorite candidate, what is happening with the party you belong to and whatever else will keep you up to date. This app is free with ads or you can pay a bit and choose the ad free version. 
Another great way to follow you candidate is by downloading an app specific to them. Groupe Inc. has done a great job of making apps for each of the bigger Candidates. Again these are only for Apple products though. If you need one for your Android device just go to Google play and search the name. There are many to chose from. These are both free and paid for apps. depending on what fits your needs.
Not that you have to doubt what the candidates say ;) but, Politifact Mobile is will show you the overall truthfulness of the candidates in an easy to read scale. The cost of this app is $1.99
"Put the Truth-O-Meter in your pocket! PolitiFact Mobile brings Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checking to your smart phone or tablet.
PolitiFact Mobile makes it easier than ever to get the truth about American politics. It is produced by PolitiFact, the Pulitzer Prize-winning website, and includes the mobile-only Truth Index as well as mobile versions of the site's most popular features — the Truth-O-Meter, the Flip-O-Meter and the Obameter." 
The last app I would like to throw out here is for those that want to have a little fun with the election. Floppy Candidate is a for fun app that lets you play a spin off of Flappy Birds, only you are one of the candidates. You have your choice of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Ben Carson, Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, Martin O’Malley and John Kasich Or you can be Kanye West, because lets face it, he is no bigger joke then some of the others. Tap your way though victory, and collect coins along the way. This is also a great way to relieve the stress of listening to some of the mind numbing speeches we have to deal with in the upcoming months. This app is also free.
This election is looking like, more then ever, the important thing is to get out in vote. If you have found other apps for the election that you would recommend please let me know in the comment section below.